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"Master Plan/Land Use Element
Update/COAH" link located at the third from the bottom tab on the left hand column of this page.

The regular February 16, 2016 meeting of the Governing Body of the Borough of Dumont will be held at 6:30pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 61 Armour Place, Dumont, N.J.  Formal action will be taken. 

PAPER SHREDDING EVENT RESCHEDULED for Saturday, February 20, 2016, between 9:00am and 12:00 noon at the Dumont Department of Public Works, 1 Aladdin Street, Dumont.  All are invited to participate.

Borough of Dumont, Bergen County seeks Full-time Certified Municipal Finance Officer. 
CY2015 Budget-$22,000,000, QPA certification a plus.  CFO  to perform the duties of the CFO and supervise all financial operations of the Borough, recommendations of the municipal auditor and all statutory requirements including but not limited to the following: banking relationships, maintenance of general ledger, account reconciliation, debt management, grant management, investment and disbursement of funds, fixed asset management, account posting, monthly financial statements, preparation of the annual budgets including the user-friendly budget, annual financial statements, annual debt statements and supplemental debt statements, forecasting for both capital expenditures and debt structure along with operational needs, supervision of the payroll and accounts payable, maintenance of escrow accounts and bank reconciliations. Must be proficient in Excel, Word and Edmunds accounting software.  Experience preferred.  Salary DOQ and experience.  Respond to with resume and references by 2/5/16.

 Borough of Dumont Affordable Housing Matrix
The following memo supplements the Affordable Housing Matrix provided by the Court.  The Matrix requires that the Borough provide the basis for asserting each obligation and a description for each mechanism.
For further information, please click on the Master Plan/Land Use Element Update/COAH link located at the third from the bottom tab on the left hand column of this page.

Parking Permits for Residents and Non-residents of Dumont
Applications for 2016 commuter parking permits for municipal parking in the Brook Street Parking Lot,  West Shore Avenue Section 2-5, and W. Quackenbush Avenue (north side-125 feet west of Park Avenue) will be available to Dumont residents, non-residents and business owners on a first come, first-served basis December 7, 2015.  Permits may be obtained at the Borough Clerk’s office, 80 West Madison Avenue, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Please note that this does not include overnight parking. The fee is $120 per calendar year for residents and $180 per calendar year for non-residents; there is one hanger permit per household.  Applicants must bring a copy of the driver’s license and registration for the car to be used.  No copies will be made at Borough Hall-no exceptions.  Applications will be on the Borough website:   For more information, call 201-387-5023.

The LOCAL REDEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING LAW sets forth the purpose, criteria and procedure for designating an area in need of redevelopment and promulgates regulations for how and why such a designation may be utilized.  For further information, please click on the "BOROUGH HALL UPDATES" tab (eighth tab from the bottom) located in the left hand column of this page.

August 26, 2015 - Borough of Dumont is granted temporary immunity from exclusionary zoning suits for a period of five (5) months commencing from the date of this order.
August 16, 2015 - Consent Order Permitting Landmark Dumont, LLC to Intervene in Declaratory Judgment Action and for Consolidation. 
For further information regarding these two actions, please click on the third from the bottom tab on the left hand side of this page (COAH). 

The Mayor and Council have authorized a project to include the videotaping, cleaning and repair of the borough’s sewer lines.
This program will enable the town to create a library of the entire system which will identify the size of the pipes and in addition locate damaged pipe which allows for infiltration of rainwater.
This program will also identify illegal sewer connections from sump pumps, that when put into the system drains to the Bergen County Utilities Authority and is billed to the Borough.
The town has been broken down into seven sections starting at the southeast corner and working their way down to the New Milford border.
On occasion, there may be a slight disruption in traffic on some of the narrowest of roads, this will only be temporary.  Please click on the Sewer Line Rehabilitation at the lower right hand corner of this page for further information.
If anyone has any questions please email me at


Dumont home owners now have the ability to view and pay their property taxes on line.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a fee associated with paying your bill on line:

  • If you pay via e-check or Automated Clearing House (ACH), the fee is $1.05 per transaction.
  • If you pay via a Visa personal debit card, the fee is $3.95 per transaction.
  • If you pay with any other credit or debit card, the fee is 2.95% of your total bill (e.g., if your quarterly tax bill is $2,000, your fee is $59.00 per transaction).
Visit our new site now, just click on the following link:

Information regarding Borough Hall Updates is under the newly established tab contained in the left hand column of this page.

You can now sign up on line for Dumont Recreation programs at

BOROUGH ORDINANCE:Front yard parking. No person shall park, stop or stand any motor vehicle, or permit or suffer the same to be done, in any front yard area of any dwelling building except on driveways and parking areas located, constructed and installed in compliance with applicable Borough ordinances. [Amended 11-23-2010 by Ord. No. 1424]

The Borough has purchased new recycling cans.  Residents can purchase up to two cans at $5.00 each.  Payment must be made at the Borough Hall Tax Office.  The receipt must be presented at the Department of Public Works, 1 Aladdin Avenue, where the cans are stored and are available for pick up between 7:00am and 3:30pm (closed for lunch from 11:45am and 12:30pm).

Electronic Drop-Off Container:

Located at the back of the DPW Building, 1 Aladdin Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 2:30pm.  Acceptable items include TVs, computers, monitors, fax machine, modems, VCRs.  Pickup service not available, drop off only.

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Upcoming News and Events

Dumont Shade Tree Seminar, 7:30pm, March 7, 2016, at the Dumont Senior Center, 39 Dumont Avenue

Climate change and extreme weather has been a growing concern whose effects are being seen all around the world. Severe droughts, more powerful storm systems, and rising sea levels are a concern for everyone, but are certainly far too daunting for any one person to tackle. But there are things we can do as individuals and as part of a local community that can have an effect. The Dumont Shade Tree Commission has invited Tineke Thio, PhD. to deliver her lecture on the topic of global thinking/local action.  Dr. Tineke has done a great deal of research on the topic of individual contributions to the large issue of climate change and has delivered her seminars to school groups and local communities. Her lecture series is titled:  
Building Resilience in a Warming World
While the most serious consequences of global warming lie in the future, we can already feel the effects today. She examines the impact of climate change on our lives in New Jersey and what we can do about it, both as individuals and in our communities. Topics include options for cutting our carbon footprint in areas such as home maintenance, transportation,food, and planting trees. She will discuss ways we are adaptingto rising temperatures, extreme weather and rising sea levels. These measures often have health and financial benefits as a happy side effect.
Join us at the Dumont Senior Center 39 Dumont Avenue at 7:30pm March 7th 2016. The event is free to the community. Coffee and refreshments.

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