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Buildings and Grounds & Building Dept.: LaBarbera (Chair), Morrell, Kelly

Finance: Kelly (Chair), Stewart, Kourelakos

Fire & Ambulance: Stewart (Chair), Aponte, LaBarbera

New Development, COAH & 50 Washington Ave.: Kelly (Chair), Kourelakos, Stewart

Ordinances & Resolutions: Morrell (Chair), Kourelakos, LaBarbera

Personnel: Aponte (Chair), Stewart, Morrell

Police & Courts: Stewart (Chair), Aponte, Kourelakos

Public Works: Aponte (Chair), LaBarbera, Kelly

Recreation: Kourelakos (Chair), LaBarbera, Morrell

Shared Services: Morrell (Chair), LaBarbera, Stewart

Liaison Positions

Arts, Beautification & Economic Development: LaBarbera

Board of Education: Stewart

Board of Health: Aponte

Communications (Public): LaBarbera

Community Development: Kelly, Aponte, Mayor Russell (alternate)

Cultural Affairs, Inclusivity, Diversity & Celebrations: Stewart, Kourelakos

Joint Land Use Board: Kelly

Joint Municipal Insurance Fund: Kourelakos

Library: Kourelakos

Office of Emergency Management: Morrell, Kourelakos

Rent Leveling Board: LaBarbera

Safety Coordinator: Morrell

Senior Citizens: Stewart

Shade Tree Commission: LaBarbera

Social Services: Stewart

Stigma-Free Committee: Aponte