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Address: 108 Brook Street, Dumont, NJ 07628
Phone - Non-Emergency: 201-384-1166
Fax: 201-384-7366
Website: http://www.dumontambulance.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dumontvac

About the DVAC

The Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps (DVAC) has been serving the Borough of Dumont since 1937. The Corps' history since its incorporation as an independent agency in 1937 is one of deep commitment and increasing service to the citizens of Dumont. The stated goal of the DVAC is threefold:

  • To render ambulance service to the residents of Dumont;
  • To render such service to the public as to lessen suffering and help in preserving life;
  • To advance such knowledge as will promote the prevention of injury and suffering.

Now in its eighth decade fulfilling this mandate, the DVAC has responded to over approximately 40,000 calls and expended untold hours of work. The cornerstone of the Corps' success is its volunteer members: over 200 Dumont residents have been members of the squad with an average of thirty-five being active at any one time. For the continued success of the operation, the present members must constantly recruit new members.

The Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps has a long tradition of providing high quality service in meeting the emergency medical need of Dumont. Its progressive outlook often finds the Corps in the forefront of emergency care.

The members of the organization are all volunteers with many other responsibilities who devote a great deal of their spare time to the Corps. The satisfaction derived from helping people in a direct, visible way is their compensation. Members also feel their work fulfills their civic obligation in a meaningful fashion. It takes a special person to be a member of an ambulance corps. The work is unlike any other. If you feel you are this special kind of person, we would be glad to have you with us and welcome your application.

For more information on the Volunteer Ambulance Corps, please visit their web site at www.dumontambulance.org.