SUEZ will be working on streets in Dumont starting this spring as part of the company’s ongoing project to remove the remaining lead from the system.


SUEZ has identified roughly 230 service lines in the borough that potentially contain lead. Over the next several months, crews will be digging at these locations to determine the material in those pipes.


Crews will be working on the following streets: Grant Ave., Quackenbush Ave., Davies Ave., Depew St., Linden Ave., Manhattan Terr., Niagara St., Roosevelt Ave., Seneca Ave. and Wolcott Rd.


Service lines are pipes that run from the water main in the street to an individual home. SUEZ owns the portion of the service line from the main to the curb, while the property owner is responsible for the portion from the curb to the home. While the water leaving the treatment plant does not contain lead, a lead service line could allow lead to get into your drinking water. Only a small percentage of service lines in the system contain lead.


If you would like to check what SUEZ has in its records about your service line, please go to Click here if you have replaced your service line or know the material of your line so SUEZ can update its records.


If a crew checks your line, you will be notified of the results. You will also receive advance notice of any further work that may occur, including:


  • If the company portion of the service line contains lead and the property owner’s side is made of a different material, SUEZ will replace the pipe.


  • If the service line on both the SUEZ side and the homeowner’s side are found to contain lead, SUEZ will notify you and ask whether you would like to replace your portion of the line at the same time. The replacement of your side will be at your expense since the property owner owns that portion of the pipe. If you choose to replace it, SUEZ will coordinate its replacement with that of your plumber.


  • If both sides are lead and you do not want to replace your portion, SUEZ will not replace their side, as doing so could exacerbate any lead issue. To be effective, both SUEZ and the homeowner would need to take action. However, if your street is scheduled for repaving this year, SUEZ will have to proceed with the replacement of their line.



While work continues in the streets, SUEZ encourages residents to take a closer look inside their homes and address potential lead safety issues. Lead plumbing, lead solder in copper piping joints, faucets that contain lead, even grounding electric wires to lead pipes can cause elevated lead levels in the water.


Dumont is committed to working with SUEZ on this important project.