Dumont Borough Hall is open to the public by appointment only. We encourage all residents to address as much borough business as possible remotely. If an in-person appointment is necessary please call 201-387-5022 and follow the prompts to schedule an appointment with the appropriate department. A list of Borough Departments can be found here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis Dumont Recreation has been postponed and our Senior Center will remain closed to the public. To find more information and updates, please visit https://covid19.nj.gov or https://www.co.bergen.nj.us/health-promotion/2019-novel-corona-virus


Buildings and Grounds & Building Dept.: Chae (Chair), Gorman, Rossillo

Finance: Stewart (Chair), Harvilla, Chae

Fire & Ambulance: Rossillo (Chair), Stewart, Gorman

New Development, COAH & 50 Washington Ave.: Chae (Chair), Harvilla, Stewart

Ordinances & Resolutions: Stewart (Chair), Chae, Gorman

Personnel: Stewart (Chair), Harvilla, Gorman

Police & Courts: Englese (Chair), Gorman, Stewart

Public Works: Englese (Chair), Gorman, Chae

Recreation: Gorman (Chair), Harvilla, Stewart

Shared Services: Rossillo (Chair), Gorman, Chae

Liaison Positions

Beautification Committee: Harvilla

Board of Education: Rossillo

Board of Health: Harvilla

Communications (Public): Gorman

Community Development: Gorman, Rossillo; Mayor LaBruno (alternate)

Economic Development: Chae, Harvilla

Joint Land Use Board: Chae

Joint Municipal Insurance Fund: Rossillo

Library: Harvilla

Office of Emergency Management: Englese

Rent Leveling Board: Chae

Safety Coordinator: Rossillo

Senior Citizens: Stewart

Shade Tree Commission: Gorman

Social Services: Rossillo

Stigma-Free Committee: Stewart