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Affordable Housing Administrator: Acuity Consulting Srvcs.

Appraiser: McNerney & Assocs., Inc.

Architect: Arcari & Iovino Architects

Attorney: Geist Law, LLC

Auditor: Lerch, Vinci & Bliss

Bond Counsel: Rogut McCarthy, LLC

COAH Planner: Acuity Consulting Srvcs.

Engineer: Boswell Engineering

Financial Advisor & Arbitrage Consultant: Acacia Financial

Grant Writer: Bruno Associates, Inc.

Labor Attorney:

Planner: Acuity Consulting Srvcs.

Prosecutor: Breslin & Breslin

Public Defender: Louis G. DeAngelis, Esq.

Risk Manager: Brown & Brown Metro, Inc.

Special Counsel: O'Toole Scrivo

Special OPRA Counsel: Post Polak, P.A. 

Special Projects Engineers: Remington & Vernick Engineers and Neglia

Tax Appeal Attorney: Boggia & Boggia, LLC


Resolution and contracts are on file and available for public inspection in the office of the Borough Clerk.